December 8, 2020


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Adding a New Lens to My Camera Bag

Hi, I’m Laura and I love Black Friday sales. This is usually when I purchase new camera equipment. SOOOOO my new 100mm lens came in this week! I am SO SO SO excited to step up my ring shot game. Sharing a little preview below! I took a picture of my own ring this morning with the background as the Wild Interiors coffee table book we have. HOW STUNNING.

Be prepared for tons more ring shots! The 100mm is a macro lens which allows for closer focusing distances as opposed to my other lenses. Basically, this gets ALL UP IN THERE 🙂

OH I wanted to add my before and after from Lightroom below too. I am wearing a pink shirt today and my pink shirt was coming through in the diamond. You can see below there are some red/pink spots in the before image. To remove those, I used a brush in Lightroom with essentially negative 90 Saturation and +78 Sharpness just on the diamond itself and there you have it!

Screen Shot 2020-12-08 at 11.45.56 AM.png


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