December 3, 2020


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Timeline Tip | Scheduling Time for Sunset Pictures

Y’ALL. I was editing these pictures today and will share the rest of the wedding once it’s complete in a blog post BUT I wanted to write a short and sweet blog post today about sunset pictures. I often have couples who elect to do a first look. This becomes increasingly important whenever for winter weddings, after the time change, whenever the sunset is much earlier than a spring or summer wedding. A first look allows for less time spent taking pictures AFTER the ceremony and the bulk of pictures are taken before.

With a first look, we are taking bride + groom pictures much earlier in the day. When photographing with full sun like this, the lighting is much more harsh and less warm than around sunset. I often (always) suggest couples that do a first look, also reserve time for sunset pictures. The reason being are THESE IMAGES RIGHT HERE. The beautiful orange sky, the soft lighting, the warm skin tones. All of it. I know it’s sometimes hard to imagine breaking away after the ceremony but before introductions for MORE pictures but I promise you I’ve never once had a couple regret it. If anything they’ve appreciated the time away before the whirlwind of the night progresses.

Here’s my outlook on bride + groom pictures. This is where I like to spend a lot of time. Why? You’re investing a lot of money in wedding photos and while it’s nice to have pictures of the cake and guests and your wedding party, you will likely look back at the photos of the two of you the most. These are the photos you will truly treasure. So if you’re investing your money in these photos, invest your wedding day time in the bride + groom photos.

For this particular wedding, whenever Kayla and I initially had the details meeting prior to the wedding day, we had discussed just taking some pictures around the venue. The venue was beautiful and it was right on Market Street BUT I knew that sunset pictures near the water and on the cobblestone streets would be beyond. I am SO SO SO happy that these two trusted me to venture a little further out that day. In fact, this was my most favorite moment of the day. Bride + Groom pictures are often my only chance the day of to truly spend time to connect with my couples because of the elimination of a ton of distractions. It’s usually just the three of us and a second photographer. We are able to laugh and joke and catch up about their wedding day so far.

Anyways – just my two cents 😉 We can call this Timeline Tip Thursday!


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