November 18, 2020


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As I prep for my own family session, I thought it would be cool to share what we’ve decided to wear – as it may help some of you in the future! One thing I’m not vocal enough about in my own business is that I am ALWAYS available to talk outfits. I love the coordination of them all. I’m happy to step in and create a mood board for clients on any budget. I actually enjoy it!

Outfit coordination is by far the most difficult part – I get it. Most people don’t even know where to start. I tell my clients the easiest way to start is with YOU (typically I am talking to the woman of the family). Start with what you feel most comfortable in but dress. it. up. You don’t get family pictures taken often I’m sure so go all out.

So for the sake of this blog, in addition to sharing our outfits, I’ll just briefly go through a few tips for women! I could literally go on for days about the entire family but I’m not sure how long it would take me to write that blog post.

Dresses typically look best and if we’re talking style – long and flowy photograph best. Usually lighter fabrics like tulle or chiffon versus cotton. Think maxi dress or maxi skirt. Also, a good rule of thumb in general for wardrobe is the less skin showing the better. That doesn’t mean to bundle up in a turtleneck or scarf (because those don’t photograph well either) but usually the less of your chest (as in literally your chest – like not being weird. Your literal chest) showing, the more flattering the photo. Sometimes when there’s a ton of skin showing, it can give the illusion of a person being heavier than they are.

Avoid super busy fabrics or styles – just keep it simple! It doesn’t have to be anything super out of the ordinary but just don’t wear what you would wear to run errands. In terms of color, lighter colors are also best. This will also depend on the venue you’ve chosen for photos as well. If you choose green to wear, just know what you may not stand out as much in a green forest area. If you choose tan to wear, you might not stand out on a beach. A safe go to and MY personal go-to is white.

In terms of shoes, always go for height! I suggest clients bring a pair of comfortable shoes for a change of shoes when walking to our destination but heels for pictures are preferable since they make the legs appear longer.

This is just a BRIEF part of outfit coordination so if you ever have questions about your session, let me know! I’m happy to help in any way!


Dress Shirt
Pants (Matt has tons so I just grabbed a photo from the internet haha)
Shoes (Same here – he has a pair similar to these!)

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