June 21, 2017


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Sara Wavering Place Plantation Columbia, SC Bridal Session

Let me give you a little background on this beauty here. I met Sara through Matt after we started dating because, at the time, she was dating Matt’s close friend Grant (who is now her husband, don’t worry it’s a happy story). From the very beginning Sara was incredibly kind and considerate. Matt would always talk so highly about both Grant and Sara. In fact, the day after Matt and I met, he went to a basketball game with these two mysterious people.

On top of being kind and considerate, Sara is also super organized and works in event planning. Fast forward about a year later and she kindly accepted to be the day of coordinator for our wedding in April 2016. I’m not lying when I say our wedding day wouldn’t have happened without her. Matt and I owe everything to both Grant and Sara, but not just because of the wedding day, but because they are both incredible friends. E.g. Grant installed some really amazing lights in Matt’s workshop right after our wedding as a wedding gift. They could have opted for a gift card, but instead it was time, effort and money. Both of these people are phenomenal people. 

We took Sara’s bridals at Wavering Place Plantation on a unseasonably warm day in February, which is where Grant and Sara had their wedding ceremony and reception. If you’ve never heard of Wavering Place, please do yourself a favor and Google it. It’s a historical plantation located in Lower Richland – a hidden gem just outside of Columbia, SC. This session was particularly special because Sara is such a good friend but also because Sara was absolutely glowing. This carried over into her wedding day where she was all smiles all day but even during her bridal session, you could tell she was so excited for the wedding day to come.

Bridal Gown: Ladies of Lineage | Venue: Wavering Place Plantation


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