Have you ever met someone that you instantly knew you could be really good friends with? Someone who just had something that immediately made you feel like you had made a new friend? That’s exactly the type of person that Hailey is. We connect over things like The Office, Taylor Swift’s “Red” album, Jenna Kutcher, etc. She has the most kind heart and has a deep passion for creativity. Fortunately, that passion for creativity has manifested itself into a flower business. Meet Hailey of Flowers by Hailey Elaine


It’s so cliche but do you have those friends that you see and it feels like you can pick up right where you left off? Whitney and I were the best of friends in middle school. We were friends right at that awkward stage in life full of AIM screen names, embarrassing crushes, etc. She reached out to me last fall to do some head shots for her photography business and the second we met up, it felt like nothing had changed.

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